Monday, November 22, 2010

Shopping, take away, and supplies in Ras Sudr.


A few KM before the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel before entering Sinai.
A few KM after going through the Ahmed hamdi Tunnel heading South on the Sharm El Sheikh Rd.
There are 3 petrol stations in the town of Ras Sudr.

Mechanic Breakdown Services.

At the petrol stations along the way.
In Oyun Musa village.
In the souk area in Ras Sidr Town.
In Abu Suweir Village.

Tea, coffee, and snacks.

The NPCO petrol station before Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel.
The rest stop just before you enter the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel at the toll on your right.
Oyun Musa Rest stop.
Ras Sidr Town souk, or the two coach rest stops just as you leave the Town of Ras Sidr.
Abu Suweir Village.
Emergency Services.
call: 123
There are emergency ambulances dotted all along the Suez Road, at the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, every 30-50 KM in Sinai, Ras Sidr Town next to the Bus Station, Abu Suweir Village. The ambulances are bright orange or bright lime green, and sit in pairs in Ambulance stations dotted along the highway clearly visible to drivers.
The main hospitals are in Suez and in Ras Sidr Town.

call: 122 
There are police, immigration police, tourist police and army officials at the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel Toll.
Police checkpoint at Oyun Musa.
Police HQ for Ras Sidr as you enter Ras Sidr 500 mtres after the  Mosaic Mubarak Sign on the right and just before the Mosaic 3 fish statue Main Street Ras Sidr.
Police and Army checkpoint Abu Suweir Village. Turn left at the Dream Cafe and 500 mtres ahead is a police checkpoint just past the army barracks.

call: 180 
Fire trucks at all the Army Barracks dotted along the Suez and Sharm el Sheikh Road.
Fire trucks at the entrances both sides of the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel.
Fire Station Ras Sidr Town. 

Egyptian style take away food (incl grilled chickens, fish and kofta)
Ras Sidr Town Souk area. 
Hadiya Restaurant Main St Ras Sidr.

Pizza and Pasta 
San Remo Restaurant (opposite public beach entrance on seafront, Ras Sidr).
Fantasia Resort just before Hamam Pharoun. 
La Hacienda resort.
Moon Beach resort.
Green Sudr Resort.

A La Carte menu restaurant
Ceceil Hotel, Ras Sidr Town. 

Camel milk 
There are two kiosks selling fresh camel milk in Ouyn Musa. The kiosks are small wooden tekephone box sized structures with camels painted on the side and a flap opening up when open to sale. 

Small supermarket at Banana Beach Resort just after Nozha Beach resort visible from highway.
Ras Sidr Town souk area, various large and small grocers, butchers, fish sellers, fruit and vegetables , bread bakery.
Abu Suweir Village.
Fantasia Resort.
Moon Beach resort.

Phone cards, post office, and Internet Cafe.
Ras Sidr Town souk area.
Abu Suweir Village.

Swimming and diving gear.
Ras Sidr Town Souk area.

Clothing and footwear.
Ras Sidr Town Souk area.

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