Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Qalat Al Guindi

Qalat Al Guindi marked by red X on map.

View of Ras Sidr Road to Qalat al Guindi seen from part of the defence wall with road in distance.

Approximately 50km East of Ras Sidr, reached by a turn of to the East at the town of Ras Sidr, lies a old fortress, still in very good condition, but rarely seen by visitors, or included in tours.
This 12th Century Fortress built by Salah el Din ( Saladin ) is situated in the middle of 3 camel caravan routes from Damascus, Transjordan, and Eilat to Egypt.

Discovered by Jules Barthoux in 1909, the fortress most of which lies in ruins, still has portions of defence walls, a water cistern, mihrab, and shops.

Qalaat Al Guindi is only accessible by private transportation. You can hire a taxi from Ras Sidr town for approx 150le. The police station on the Main Road at Ras Sudr before the Co-op petrol station will issue foreigners wishing to visit a permission slip to show to checkpoint police on route.