Sunday, November 25, 2012

Convert Salt Water into Drinking Water With Solar Oven

 Great idea for the people on the coastal areas of Egypt like Sinai and North Coast!

Whenever designer Gabriele Diamanti traveled abroad, he encountered a problem common to all developing countries – the lack of access to safe drinking water.

This inspired him to come with a device that would use easy-to-find, local resources to convert salt water into freshwater (drinking water). His invention was a solar oven, a household product, developed to utilize a resource that is available in plenty – sunshine!

Called Eliodomestico, the solar oven is intended to bring gallons of drinking water to economically backward families at no operating cost. The technology behind the oven is very simple wherein you fill the boiler section with salty water and fasten the cap. Very strong sunlight generates enough heat to boil the water, producing steam which is forced down the pipe condensing into the collection lid. The collection lid is shaped to be carried on a person’s head, a popular method of transporting goods in developing countries.

The Eliodomestico delivers 5 liters of fresh drinking water everyday. It is very simple to produce and maintain as it requires no electricity, no filters and has no adverse impact on the environment. Diamanti’s project won a Core 77 Design award and was a finalist at the Prix Emile Hermes competition awarding sustainable design innovation. He has open sourced the design and made it available to everyone who wants to modify and upgrade it.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Organic Farm Springs Up in Sinai

best friends, safari trek, bedouin, eco farm, organic farm, wadi marawan, egypt, sinaiThe Wadi Marawan Organic Farm is a new project by the ‘Best Friends Safari’ that guides tour groups in Egypt

Located at the terraces of Panorama Mountain Camp, the Wadi Marawan Organic Farm is a veritable paradise in the middle of the Sinai Peninsula. Over 4,000 sq. metres of land is planted with vegetables and fruit trees that organisers hope visitors will soon be able to sample at the Panorama Restaurant in Dahab, Sinai.

The Best Friends Safari group, which leads desert treks and Bedouin evenings and has over twenty years of tour guiding experience, provides a sustainable and environmental mountain camp for guests and volunteers.

Kasia Starosta, who got in touch with Green Prophet, explains that the group behind the project are a pretty international bunch. As well as making the most of Egyptian farming, they have a British member providing technical support, a French member providing solar solutions as well as her Polish passion for sustainability, volunteering and development.

“We are also involved in developing the programme for gathering environmental ideas for Egypt,” she added.

The Panorama Mountain Camp area has space for tents, basic facilities and stunning views of the city of Dahab, Lagoona and the Gulf of Aqaba.

The team is also busy building 10 ecological mountain houses that will be constructed out of seaside stones.

The Best Friends Safari company organizes safaris from one day/one night trips to 1-2 weeks visiting places such as the White Canyon, Coloured Canyon, Sinai Oasis, Canyon Arada, Sarabait Al Chadim, Moses Mountain, Dolphin-Beach, St. Catharine Monastery, Ras Abu Galum National Park area, Nawamis with the Roman houses, National Park of Ras Mohammed and many others including unknown Bedouin routes.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Egypts nation dish Koshari origins and recipe

The national dish found in any street in Egypt called koshari was actually brought by the British from India to Egypt.
The Indians called it Kushari.

The Indian version contains rice and lentils.

Egypt added small macaroni and called it Koshari.

The British added smoked fish and boiled egg to it and call it Kedgeree.

                                                                  Bowl of Egyptian Koshari

Recipe if you want to make it:

You will need 6 pans!!!

Pan 1: Fry sliced onions till crispy and drain on paper towel

Pan 2: Boil hummus(Chick peas) till soft and drain

Pan 3: Boil brown lentils till soft and drain

Pan 4: Fry a handful of vermicelli pasta in a little oil till medium brown colour, then add 500gr of washed round rice ( not basmati ) and cook till water absorbed

Pan 5: Break around 20 spaghetti strands into 1 inch pieces and add to 500gr of small, short macaroni pasta and cook till al dente.

Pan 6: Liquidize 1 small onion and 4 cloves of garlic and 6 large tomatoes and 1 large tablespoon of tomato paste then pour this into the pan with 50mls of oil and 500mls of water and simmer gently till cooked into a pasta sauce.


Take bowl and put 1 ladle of rice mixture, one ladle of pasta mixture, top with brown lentils and chick peas and pour over some of the tomato sauce and garnish with some of the fried onions.

Koshari Egyptian style !

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Facebook users help needed

To everyone on Facebook  can you please click 'like' on the link to page below and share with your contacts.

The page is highlighting Egypts Traffic Violations and you can post your own photos of traffic violations you witness on Egypts road as an awareness campaign.

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