Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Egypts nation dish Koshari origins and recipe

The national dish found in any street in Egypt called koshari was actually brought by the British from India to Egypt.
The Indians called it Kushari.

The Indian version contains rice and lentils.

Egypt added small macaroni and called it Koshari.

The British added smoked fish and boiled egg to it and call it Kedgeree.

                                                                  Bowl of Egyptian Koshari

Recipe if you want to make it:

You will need 6 pans!!!

Pan 1: Fry sliced onions till crispy and drain on paper towel

Pan 2: Boil hummus(Chick peas) till soft and drain

Pan 3: Boil brown lentils till soft and drain

Pan 4: Fry a handful of vermicelli pasta in a little oil till medium brown colour, then add 500gr of washed round rice ( not basmati ) and cook till water absorbed

Pan 5: Break around 20 spaghetti strands into 1 inch pieces and add to 500gr of small, short macaroni pasta and cook till al dente.

Pan 6: Liquidize 1 small onion and 4 cloves of garlic and 6 large tomatoes and 1 large tablespoon of tomato paste then pour this into the pan with 50mls of oil and 500mls of water and simmer gently till cooked into a pasta sauce.


Take bowl and put 1 ladle of rice mixture, one ladle of pasta mixture, top with brown lentils and chick peas and pour over some of the tomato sauce and garnish with some of the fried onions.

Koshari Egyptian style !

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