Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nature Conservation Egypt

Egypt has a natural heritage as diverse and amazing as its cultural heritage. It is the biodiversity and natural landscapes and resources that formed the fertile ground within which the Egyptian civilization emerged and flourished. In the modern world man has become increasingly distant from nature and is losing touch with the natural resources and processes that sustains all our lives on earth. In Egypt as in most parts of the world, nature is under great threat. 

We are working to strengthen the lost connection between man and nature. We need to learn and understand more about nature in order to appreciate the critical role and services it presents to us in our every day life. We need to teach new generations to enjoy nature so that their lives are fulfilled and they take an active role in defending nature.

Biodiversity and the natural world are no longer regarded as secondary or a luxury. But they are rightfully being considered as the cornerstone of our life on Earth. The economic and ecological services that nature delivers to us free of charge have to be seriously taken into consideration when we plan for our future development. Biodiversity is also a hugely underestimated asset for sustainable development, and this is particularly true in Egypt, where traditional development thought is rapidly obliterating some of the country’s most precious natural and cultural heritage assets at an unprecedented rate.

There are huge problems facing natural heritage in Egypt, but there are equally tantalizing opportunities. Our role is to attempt to foster the positive opportunities and inhibit the negative forces.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Places to go to break the fast during Ramadan in Cairo

Some of Cairos Ramadan Tents 

Bab El Nil:
Fairmont Nile City is bringing you Bab El Nil on the outdoor terrace for another eventful Ramadan.  Offering both fetar and sohour options, the breezy location and the stunning view make it high on the lists of tents to visit. Four set fetar menus are 165LE-240LE and four set sohour menus are 155LE-200LE. For reservations, call 02 2461 9494.
Just in case you feel like tent hopping, you can easily pop next door to Ramadana, where Tamarai puts aside its notoriety as one of the most popular bars in Cairo. Located on the outdoor terrace, the view and evening breeze is something to behold. For reservations, call 012 2456 6666
Across the Nile aboard the Imperial Boat in Zamalek, one of the most popular tents over the years, 3anil, is back, only this year we hear that it’s had a makeover. You can also enjoy the London Olympics, which will screen throughout Ramadan. For reservations, call 02 273 65796.
Just down the road on the Blue Nile boat is Tofaha. Having relocated from its setting at 33 Abul Feda last year, the menu promises exotic summer twists on the usual Ramadan cuisine. They also boasting an enticing choice of shisha flavours. Minimum on a weekday is 75LE, and 150LE on weekends. For reservations, call 02 735 3114/2.
Ramadan @ Sequoia:
Teaming up with Eklego Design, Sequoia welcomes this month of Ramadan with a Tannoura-inspired design. Check out the waiters in their Amina K uniforms as well. Fetar buffet is 245LE per person, while the à-la-carte sohour menu has a 150LE minimum. For reservations, call  02 2735 0014.
Le Capitol: Bab El Kahera:
Located in Novotel Cairo El Borg, Le Capitol: Bab El Kahera is all about bringing back old traditions and reintroducing the true spirit of Ramadan. Expect an ahwa atmosphere with quality food and a stunning view if Cairo. For reservations, call 010 0010 4646.
Al Khaima:
ByGanz is participating in the Ramadan festivities and sets up a tent on the Giza Coniche at Y Lounge. With a great backdrop, the menu will include authentic Lebanese dishes and special entertainment every Friday. Five set fetar menus are charged at between 150LE and 250LE. For reservations, call 02 3659 2911.
Back for an impressive seventh year, First Mall's Tagine mixes the contemporary with the traditional, while maintaining a cosy environment complete with oriental-fusion menus and live entertainment. For reservations, call 02 3569 2557.
After wild success last year, the Fairmont Heliopolis presents Meshmesheya for your Ramadan pleasure. This tent is a little different in that it is indoors, located in the Jasmine ballroom. Air conditioned, with modern, sleek furniture and boasting over twenty different flavours of shisha, this is one of the most anticipated Ramadan tents of 2012. For reservations call 02 267 7730/40.
The Terrace:
Out on the cusp of Cairo, The Terrace in Designopolis celebrates Ramadan in style, as the elegant eatery infuses its class into classic Ramadan dining. For reservations, Call 02 3857 1935/02 3857 1934/02 3857 1936.

Monday, July 16, 2012


If you are using Internet Cafes and see this black pin device do not use the computer!!!!
This device is saving your data and it saving your passwords!!!
It is a key logger!!!
Always check before using internet cafe or hotel or strange computers!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Qena public flogging

1954 Qena Upper Egypt

Man being flogged for raising the prices of his bread during flooding when people went starving.