Thursday, August 27, 2015

'Ethical Pet Shops' Initiative by two wonderful foreign ladies living in Cairo

Owners of Amin Pet Shop, Ma'adi, Cairo

Two wonderful ladies called Christine and Tracy have started a campaign to highlight animal abuse in pet shop in Egypt.
They discovered that most pet shops in Egypt keep their animals in appalling conditions with puppies and kittens mainly being dirty, malnourished and kept out in the heat in direct sunshine all day suffering from dehydration, so much so that during the intensive heat spell they themselves went every few hours to a pet shop near their home to spray the poor animals with water and give them food as the owner sat inside under his air conditioner oblivious to their distress.

Only when the ladies kicked up such a fuss and put his shop on their Facebook pages did he relent which was almost surely due to the fact that he was seeing negative exposure of his premises on the internet.

These ladies have started up a Facebook page called
Ethical, NON- Animal Selling Pet Shops In Egypt
 This is their opening post 
 We can no longer sit back and watch innocent creatures suffer and die in these disgusting places that call themselves 'pet shops'
Unfortunately there are just too many neglecting and abusing animals daily for us to monitor and name and shame, so instead let's try to promote pet shops that DO NOT sell animals.
Let's give custom to the ones who only sell food and accessories etc. they deserve business for having the decency to understand that animals are living creatures, not possessions or objects to be sold and bought
Once animal selling pet shops start to loose business, isa they will wake up and change their attitudes
Hit them where it hurts - their pockets!!
This will also help towards the huge problem of breeding and puppy mills
If people stop buying animals, breeders will stop breeding them
PLEASE PLEASE let's try to help the pets of Egypt

They are highlighting GOOD ETHICAL PET SHOPS in their initiative so would my readers please take a moment to go to their Facebook page and support them, share them and like their page. 

Here is one great Ethical Pet Shop they are highlighting.

Amin Pet Food & Accessories, 76 Road 9, Maadi, telephone 23582857-23596182, mobile 01117776937