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Sinai Trip 30th Aug - 2nd Sept 3 nights $115

Cruising Sinai: Eid El Fitr Vacation ..
Visit Sinai's Must See Sites:
Cruising Sinai is a trip concept created in 2007 by Haitham Hozayen & Yehia El Decken.  

More of a road trip cruising through the Sinai Peninsula covering some of its main must see sites.  Sinai is famous for its mountains, sea and other glorious destinations & spots. 

 It’s the only part of Egypt that lies in Asia, covering around 6.8% of Egypt's total surface area & hosting the country's highest peak.  Sinai must see sites include the most flavor able sea side cities in Egypt: Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab & Neweiba.  

With their city centers Naema Bay, Assla & Tarabein successively, those cities are formed in a way to allow visitors to enjoy more.  No exclusive beaches or restaurants inside a specific hotel facility and not the other.  On the contrary all leisure facilities are accessible by guests of all hotels.  A little bit of touristic communism ;).  

Cruising Sinai Program 1 will allow some time to enjoy the structure of the above mentioned cities and feel their flavors.  Also a visit to Blue Hole one of the world's most famous destinations for diving, with its water clarity and mysterious stories about earlier divers and their adventures.  On the list of visits are three very exotic destinations: Hammam Pharaon or Pharaohs Springs, which is a cave by the sea on the Gulf of Suez with hot mineral water coming out from the mountains.  

Also, Pharaoh Island, seems that pharaohs had great impact on Sinai :).  The Island is part of the Egyptian territories with nothing but a huge citadel built by Saladin (yes there are more than once Saladin Citadels in Egypt) to defend the empire during war with Crusaders.  The Island is accessible from Taba by a 5 minute boat ride in Gulf of Aqaba, the view from top of the Citadel is amazing, as you could keep turning around seeing parts of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Occupied Territories & Egypt.  

You could also roam up to 13 networks using your mobile phone.  If time allows your group leader might take you to Ras Muhammed at the very beginning of the trip to visit/enjoy/learn more about the tip of the peninsula and its magical spots.


  • Duration: 3 Days / 3 Nights. 72 hours.
  • Dates: From 30thof Aug. to 2ndof Sep.
  • Sights: Hammam Pharaoh, Ras Muhamed, Sharm (Neama bay), Dahab (Assla & Blue Hole), Neweiba (Tarabein), Taba (Pharaoh Island).
  • Price: EGP690 or USD$115.
  • Accommodation: 3* hotel in Dahab and basic camp in Neweiba.  Shared accommodation.· Meal plan: Half board.
  • Consider this program if: it’s your first time to join our cruising Sinai program.  If you are interested in seeing the major must see sightseeing of the great Sinai Peninsula.  If you want to reach Pharaohs bath cave at the best visiting time.  If interested in visiting rare spots in Sinai check Cruising Sinai Program 2 on the website.
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Radio Egypt

Nile Radio will be the first Arab country in the region to broadcast the American Top 40 hosted by Ryan Seacrest every Saturday at 12 noon.

Tune into Nile FM on 104.3 FM
Nile FM