Friday, October 4, 2013

Fruit and Vegetable prices for the coming week

Below is the prices guide per kilogram of fruits and vegetables for the coming week:

beginning 4th October

Tomato ranges between LE1.5 and LE2
Potato ranges between LE4.75 and LE5.5
Onion ranges between LE3 and LE3.5
Cucumber ranges between LE1.5 and LE3.5
Green beans range between LE3.5 and LE4.5
Eggplant ranges between LE1.5 and LE2.5
Pear ranges between LE8 and LE9
Pomegranate ranges between LE3 and LE4
Green and red pepper range between LE2 and LE4.5

Any consumers who observe sellers exceeding the price ceiling set by the official committee can file a complaint via two hotlines, 19468 and 19805. The government will then take action against the violators.

Mohamed Abu Shady, the minister responsible for investigating supply crimes, said that offenders could be fined up to LE2000 and sentenced to between one and five years in jail for ignoring the price controls.

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Some pics below

Panorama Bungalows Resort Gouna

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Egypt's archaeological sites and museums will open for FREE on October 6 in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the October 6 war.
 Now is the time to visit them folks!

Fruits and Vegetables

Egypts government has announced a lowering and freeze on 23 fruits and vegetable prices with immediate effect. Traders violating freeze will be taken to court.