Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where to get supplies in Ras Sidr

Ras Sidr stretches for 90Km along the coastal South Sinai Peninsula.
It is dotted on the coastal side with various resorts, and on the opposite side of the Sharm el Sheikh Road by desert.
From the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, your first step onto the Sinai and heading towards the South and Sharm el Sheikh you will pass a few bedouin villages, the first one being Oyun Musa. This is where the Moses Springs are and the Oyun Musa Fortified Artillery Museum and bunker (both open to visitors).

Passing Oyun Musa and heading South you will pass the resorts on your right and a few olive and tamarind groves on your left.
If you need very basic groceries Oyun Musa village has a small store.

There are also a few small grocer shops on the entrances of a couple of the first few resorts.

There is one petrol station not far after the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel and three more in Ras Sidr Town.

Fresh camel milk is sold from two small wooden kiosks with a camel painted on the front and sides by the side of the road on the right as you head South. Both are between Oyun Musa village and Oyun Musa Fortified Artillery Bunker.

There are a couple of coach stops serving snacks between Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel and Ras Sidr Town and a further four coach stops with two in Ras Sidr on the main highway at the entrance to Ras Sidr, and at the village of Abu Suweir about 5KM south of Ras Sidr Town has a further two coach stops.

The village of Abu Suweir has a few grocer shop stores and hardware stores and on Tuesday mornings Abu Suweir has the bedouin market two KM up the Abu Suweir Main Road, which sells hardware, fresh fish, live poultry and sheep, dried pulses, clothing, pots and pans and various foodstuffs.

The main area for shopping is Ras Sidr Town. At the entrance to Ras Sidr just past the police station there is a large souk area.
The souk has a few large grocers and many smaller grocery shops all types of groceries, Egyptian fast food, phone cards, newspapers, cigarettes,mobile phones and electronics.

Plumbing supplies, electrical supplies. Swimming and diving gear and toys. Clothing and bric a brac.  Carpets and bedding and beds. Carpenters making furniture and kitchens. Tiling shops and bathroom fittings. Baths and showers. Bicycles for sale and rental. Fresh fish, poultry and fresh meat. Fresh bread.

You can buy fishing rods, swimwear, goggles, snorkels and fins. Trunks, shorts and swimsuits of all types. Scarves and bandanas and sunglasses. Sandals, trainers, beach shoes, deck shoes and diving bootees. Football shirts, holiday wear, footballs, and other beach toys.

There are two internet cafes. One stationery shop and a post office.

There is a large general hospital, a few doctor surgeries and one medical testing lab.

Monday, December 6, 2010


A WARNING has been issued by the Egyptian Government to bathers in the Red Sea resport of Sharm el Sheikh to avoid swimming in the waters due to shark attacks which have left 2 dead and 3 injured.

Swimming is prohibited, at the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, Monday, Dec. 6, 2010. Egyptian authorities have indefinitely closed the resort's beaches for swimming after oceanic white tip sharks mauled three Russians and a Ukrainian tourist last week, and tore the arm off an elderly German tourist on Sunday, killing her almost immediately.
Marine biologists and environmental ministers are meeting in Alexandria to discuss the matter.