Sunday, November 21, 2010

Green Sudr Resort

The Green Sudr resort is around 20KM from Ras Sidr Town heading South on the Sharm Road. It has a large sign and is situated on the coastal side of the road and before and next to Sinai Stars (previously Ramada) resort.

At present it is being upgraded, but is still open to day trippers and renters.

Because it is being upgraded it is a little untidy but still well worth renting as it has probably the best beach in all of Ras Sudr.
The reception area is spacious and clean and it has a buffet breakfast and buffet dinner menu. It has a very nice bar and a billiard table. Popular amongst tourists in the evenings as it has music.
The beach is spectacular.

Completely smooth sand with no rocks or shells and metres and metres of it. It has 2 man made lagoons with a depth of 5 metres for wind surfers to train. A long walkway out to the deeper waters where you can just sit or lie on the sunbeds and watch the sun go down.
The water out of the lagoons are shallow and safe for children. You will see dolphins bobbing up and down in the evenings. It has small fish and when you go out a bit deeper there are a few reefs.
If you walk to the end of the beachfront heading North towards Ras Sidr and not South towards the Sinai Stars resort you will see an abandoned fishing boat  stranded on the shore. A casualty of the freak rains which hit Ras Sidr in the early part of 2010. You can climb onto the boat easily.

If you look out Northwards from the boat you will see an extremely long pier in the distance.
This is part of a new development which will have one of the longest piers in Egypt reaching out to an island in the middle of the Red Sea. It is still under construction but can be easily viewed and if you have the strength you can walk in the shallow waters out to it.

The Beach at Green Sudr is another great place to kite surf. All year round breezes and shallow waters with perfect sands make it a divers, surfers paradise.
Green Sudr has it's own Kite Surfing Centre. 'Mistral and Kite Riders' both have kiting and surfing equipment for hire.

Green Sudr is not the resort you would book if you were looking for an 18-30 disco, touristy destination.
But it is perfect for water sports enthusiasts and families who like to spend a holiday on the beach.

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