Monday, November 22, 2010

Acquiring Egyptian birth certificate for Foreigners.

Possession of a valid Egyptian birth certificate is vital to obtaining Egyptian I.D and an Egyptian Passport for a foreign spouse of an Egyptian Citizen. You do not have to be born in Egypt to have this done. It is purely a formality.

see: Acquiring Egyptian I.D and passport

The Egyptian Birth Certificate must be acquired prior to applying with your Egyptian Citizenship Certificate (from Mogamma) at the Segil al Madani, Civil Registration Department at Abbaseya.

Egyptian Birth Certificate (see sample below)

Most police stations have a Segil al Madani Dept attached to them, where for 7Le you can have Birth certificates issued for yourself or family members.
The office at Abbaseya also has a Segil al Madani on one of it's floors.
It doesn't matter which Segil al Madani you go to to get your birth certificate. They are all on a central computer. The HQ is the Abbasseya one.

Once you have applied for your I.D. and passport at Abbasseya, you then have to wait approx 10 days before acquiring the Egyptian Birth Certificate at any Segil al Medani since it takes a week or so to show up on the national computers. You could wait those 10 days and get the birth certificate at the Abbasseya Office as you have to return there in the 10-14 days to complete your I.D and Passport application process, or get it at any Segil al Madani.

To get the Egyptian Birth Certificate the husband of the applicant must apply, showing his own I.D. No documents from the wife are required, as the information will already be on the computer system having been entered during the  Abbasseya visit to apply for Egyptian ID and Passport 10 days previous.

You can buy multiple copies and you should buy at least two copies as when you return to Abbasseya they will keep one original copy.

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