Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Acquiring a copy of Criminal Record (Feesh wa Tashbee)

If a foreigner wishes to obtain an Egyptian ID card and Passport bearing a 'Western style surname' ( i.e husbands surname).
The applicant must obtain a copy of their Egyptian criminal record and take this along with the Egyptian birth certificate and Al Azhar Certificate to Abbaseya Segil el Medani.

Copy of the criminal record ( Feesh wa Tashbee )  must be obtained from the applicants local police station.
No appointment required and police will require a photocopy of the marriage certificate, Egyptian Citizenship Certificate and passport.
Applicant will then have their fingerprints taken digitally, and a webcam photograph taken.
Fee is 15Le and the process takes around 10 minutes and a copy of the criminal record is available for pick up next day.

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