Friday, April 3, 2009

The region of Ras Sidr in Sinai

The Ras Sidr region in Sinai stretches from the Oyun Musa settlement, down to Abu Ruweis, covering approximately 95km in length.

The red area indicating the said region on the map courtesy of Wikimapia.

Driving along the coastal highway South, the double lane highway for the greater part has vast expanses of open desert, dotted with Eco farms to the left, and to the right southwards well spread out holiday resorts with the occasional bedouin village settlements, and the town of Ras Sidr to the Northernmost point of the region. The coastal highway runs the length of the seafront with no part of it more than a few km from the white sandy beach resorts and public beaches.
This region is home to the Aleiqat bedouin tribe, one of the 10 bedouin tribes which inhabit Sinai Egypt.

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