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Bedouin Tribes of the Sinai Peninsula

Aleiqat: This tribe was one of the first that has settled in Sinai (at the time of the Islamic conquest of Egypt). Originally they came from the Egyptian province of Sharqeya, parallel and East of Ismailia and to the North of the capital Cairo. Their territory is now on the west coast of Sinai in the Ras Sidr Region. The biblical Joseph lived in Sharqeya. Mentioned in the bible as the land of Goshen, ( Genesis 46:34 “Then you will be allowed to settle in the region of Goshen, for all shepherds are detestable to the Egyptians” ) .Later called Avaris, then became the city of Pi-Ramees during the rule of Pharoah Ramsis II, and today known as Sharqeya.

Aquila: A small tribe inhabiting the Mediterranean coast, between the Sawarka and the Laheiwat.tribes.

Ayaida: North Sinai, next to the Channel of Suez

Gebeleya: These are the people of the mountains. As probably only about 1,500 people they have a very small tribal territory around Mt. Sinai. They are not of Arab descent but are descendants of Macedonian people sent by Emperor Justinian to build, protect and serve the Monastery in the sixth century AD.

Laheiwat: This tribe is split into 3 geographical areas: one in South Sinai (east), one at the Mediterranean Sea, and another one right next to the Channel of Suez.

Muszeina: this is the largest tribe in Sinai. These Beduines are living in the most southern part of Sinai and visitors of Sharm El Sheik will most probably see them on their visit to Sinai.

Suwalha: 3 clans in 1 tribe

Awarma (Suwalha)

Awlad Said (Suwalha)

Qararsha (Suwalha)

Tarabin: The Tarabin, who have tribal territories, in the North and South Sinai, and it's Eastern border with Jordan are of Palestinian origin.

Tiyaha: This tribe occupies an enormous territory in central Sinai; they originate like the Tarabin tribe from Palestine

The Sawarka are the most numerous of the bedouin tribes, They inhabit Northern Sinai, on the Mediterranean coast centred on Al Arish.

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