Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ras Sudr/Sidr Sinai getting there.

By Car:

Getting to Ras Sudr from Central Cairo takes around 2.5 hours. 3.5 hours from the West/Giza end of Cairo.

Visitors should take the Cairo Ring Road to the Suez Road junction then drive along the Suez Road and approximately 95km from the Suez Road junction, you will pass through the Suez Governorate checkpoint arches ( no toll ).
Foreigners may possibly have passport checked at this checkpoint.

Through the checkpoint drive 500mtrs and then U Turn back along the same road and then take a right turn at the (boat). This road leads to the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel. From the boat it is about 20km to the tunnel.

Foreigners will have to have a valid visa in their passport to travel in Sinai, and Egyptians travelling in the same car will also have to show id.

Tunnel fee is 2le for cars and is approx 4km long under the Suez Canal.
Through the tunnel, take a right and follow signs for Sharm el Sheikh/El Tur.

Ras Sudr town is 60km South of the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel.

By Coach:

Coaches can be boarded at the Ramsis Coach station beside the Ramsis Hilton Hotel downtown, or from the Cairo Gateway/Turgoman Station Downtown.

The coach companies running to Ras Sidr/Sharm el Sheikh are Superjet, and East Delta. Superjet have red, black and gold livery, East Delta have white, orange and yellow livery. Both prices are similar but Superjet takes approx 1 hour shorter to reach Sharm.
Both have movies or LOUD music playing day and night so take ear plugs.
Depending on time of travel they both stop twice or more for short toilet breaks.
Foreigners will also be asked to show passports at Oyun Musa Checkpoint in Ras Sidr district. 30 km from Ras Sidr town itself.

Turgoman Station has recently been revamped and is now part of the New Cairo Gateway Plaza downtown.

If you are asking for a taxi to take you there just say Turgoman, or you can take the Metro Helwan line to Orabi station, and the New Cairo Gateway Plaza Mall is 500 mtr walk from the station.

Walking to Turgoman take Shar'a Ramsis downtown following signs for Gateway, until you reach Shar'a Emad El Din. You will then see the Venus Hotel facing you. Cross to the Venus and head towards the overpass and go under it, carry on along this narrow street with shops on either side until you see the New development of the Cairo Gateway Plaza. The bus station is in the Mall which is still under construction.
Tickets to Sharm are approx 70le and 35le to Ras Sidr.

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