Sunday, October 28, 2012


#EgyFarmers : They Only want Water 



Ahram Online’s Nada El Kouny wrote extremely alarming report about the trouble small scale farmers in Fayoum governorate are currently facing. Here is a video report with translation showing the problem of these farmers.

These farmers do not want anything except water , they do not want money or another demands except water for their own land. This is so simple. I think President Morsi as a man who originated from a family of farmers knows exactly what these people have been through in the past ten years.
How many farmers in Egypt want only water for their land ?? I fear too many. Please make some noise for their farmers as much you can. Already I can not believe this happens in Fayoum .
Now I am begging bloggers and citizen journalists around Egypt to go and to do similar reports about the problems they are facing in their governorates.

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