Sunday, October 28, 2012

Africa Park visit!

If you have nothing to do one day why not spend the day at Africa Park Egypts one and only Safari Park.

It's a great day out for the family and kids.

It's on the Cairo/Alex Desert Road about 65 km before you reach Alexandria from Cairo. It's also a nice drive out there along the road passing hundreds of fruit orchards and farms and has many rest stops to get refreshments.

The Africa Park is well signposted with a huge road sign and is on the left side of the road if you are driving from Cairo side. It has huge elephant and giraffe statues outside it.

Go past the statues on your left about 1km and you will see the sign and U turn.

You go through a small gatehouse and pay there and are given a colourful map and park brochure and pay here. Then you drive over a small river on a wooden bridge into the park itself.

All the animals are out in the open and the keepers encourage you to feed them by bringing you handfuls of corn and fruits etc and you get to feed them (free) by hand. It's a lovely experience to get up close and feed them. The keepers are very professional unlike Giza Zoo and will not hassle you for tips but of course each should be given a small tip just for the lovely experience they give you.

You drive in your car through the different settings and can get out and feed the animals if you want or stay in the car.

Price: 250le per car (no matter how many passengers)
Includes trip around the park and a boat trip on the lake to Monkey Island and Crocodiles.

Opening times: 0900 - dusk every day including holidays

Tele: 0122-3600967, 0100-1175098, 0100-4712576

Facilities: Clean toilets, Restaurant and Grill, Ice Cream kiosk, Hotel on the lake with swimming pools and hot tubs, car cleaning service.

Hotel:  850le - 1200le Double room -Suite (includes fishing rods to fish in the lake, pets are welcome)

Animals: Lions, Tigers, Gazelle, Hippo, Kangaroos, Bear, Crocodiles, Bats, Snakes, Hedgehogs, Monitor Lizards, Vultures, Eagles, Chameleon, Parrots, Turtles, Tortoise, Peacocks, Ducks, Cappuchin Monkeys, Gibbon Monkeys, Baboon Monkeys, Chimpanzee Monkeys, Cheetah, Owl, Ostrich, Toucan, Porcupine, Dubb, Marmosets .....

Warning: You have the option to drive through the baboons. It's advisable to close the windows and doors and remove car aerials before driving through as they all climb on the roof and bonnet of the car and try to get food from you. They will make your car dirty with the sand but there is a car cleaner who will wash your car for a small sum at the car park beside the Grill and Lake.

Advice: You don't have to take food for the animals as the keepers provide the food for free to you to maintain the animals carefully balanced diet.

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