Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Makhad Nawamis Project needs donations

Makhad Charity The Nawamis Project

The Muzeina Bedouin villagers of Nawamis are unable to maintain their traditional way of life in the desert as there is little work and no local school for their children. They have asked the Makhad Trust for help with the setting up of a small school, and in drawing up a plan which will ensure its survival.
The school will form the hub of the village, and will provide an education for 40-80 children from the surrounding area. It will become the first indigenous Bedouin school based on the traditional social structure of the tented community. Teaching will include core subjects but will draw on expertise from the community in order to make the tuition more relevant to the children. The many deaf children belonging to the Muzeina who currently have no school will also be educated here.
Beside the school we are constructing the largest ever woven Bedouin tent, which will become the familiar social centre of the community. It will provide a unique venue for local functions such as camel festivals, and will also be used by tourists, both as individuals and in groups. Revenue from the tent will support the school and revive the Muzeina economy.
The project will require additional buildings to house staff living quarters, toilets, a kitchen, a dining room, washing rooms, extra teaching space and a well powered by solar pump.

To help to set up an indigenous Bedouin school with a self supporting structure
To form a hub for the community based on a traditional social structure
To revitalise the Muzeina community

Children from nearby villages and neighbouring wadis will be able to attend their own school
The local villagers both men and women will benefit from an increased economy
Visitors to the area will be able to meet the villagers and learn more about the culture in an attractive and welcoming environment.

Project Work
Practical project work will involve the construction of the tent, support buildings and additional school buildings. The Trust will also establish a camel centre to increase community revenue and will set up the organisational structure required for the management of the project by the community.

Faraj Sabah Hodair, elder of the Mouseina tribe.
The Nawamis community.

Current Status
Weaving of the tent is in progress and is expected to be opened in December 2009.  The current phase of the support buildings construction work is nearly completed.  The next phase will include the completion of the well and the construction of the camel station.  Inauguration of the whole complex will be by a Camel Festival in 2010.

Donate here to help in Sinai by credit/debit card or Paypal.

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