Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Makhad Community Drinking Wells Project


In the St Katherines area of South Sinai and the village of St Katherines itself many of the small communities have a problem with clean drinking water.  The water that comes in by truck contains mineral salts which make the children ill and can only be used for washing.   This means that the Bedouin women have to walk long distances to wells that have good water and where the owners allow them to take what they need.  Sometimes the wells have sides that are unsafe or are so far away that the water has to be collected expensively by vehicle.
The owners of the wells ask for no charge and sometimes as many as 100 women will arrive each day to take one man’s water.  In the summer there is not enough water for everyone and some of these well owners have asked the Makhad Trust for help in deepening and repairing their wells.  They would also like to make it easier and safer for the women to get their water.


The purpose of the project is to repair and deepen some of the wells so that there is sufficient drinking water for those who live nearby.


The beneficiaries will be the villagers in the St Katherines general area.

Project Work

The Makhad Trust project work will be to assist each well owner to deepen his well and, where possible, to repair the sides and create easier and safer access for the women via a water storage tank and taps.


The work on two drinking wells is currently underway, with ten more on the waiting list for sponsorship and help.  The next on the list for sponsorship is the Abu Gifa Community well.

Donate here to build wells in Sinai by credit/debit card or Paypal.

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