Wednesday, February 3, 2010



This peninsula which combines all the elements of magic and attraction has a long and fascinating history, holy places and unique beauty. Sinai lies east of the Suez Canal, overlooking the Red Sea, between the gulfs of Suez and Aqaba. Sinai has history and civilization since the Pharaonic era.
According to ancient Egyptian mythology, the goddess Isis crossed Sinai in search of her husband Osiris. Because of its sanctity, the Pharaohs made goddess Hathur mistress of this part of their land. The Pharaohs explored it for gold, copper and turquoise. So, they called it “the Land of the Turquoise”.
Sinai also witnessed several military battles in which the Pharaonic armies from the era of Ahmos 1 (1500 BC), who drove out the Hyksos armies across Sinai. Sinai was the battle-field for October 1973 war. It was across
Sinai too that Prophet Moses led the Jewish out of Egypt. In 1479 BC, an Egyptian king, Thothmos III, led across it the earliest recorded Egyptian military campaign designed to achieve greater unity of the region and punish the invaders. Also Alexander the Great crossed it with his armies to invade Egypt in 333.
On the outskirts of the route lies El Farma town near Port Said to the east where the armies of Cleopatra met those of her brother Ptolemy in anticipation of the battle in 48 BC.
The Holy Family also crossed Sinai on their way to Egypt and took the north Coast of Bardawil Lake. The last forces to cross this route were those of the Muslim Arab armies under the command of Amr lbn Al-As. Sinai is rich in nature scenery of extraordinary beauty, high mountain ranges in the south, thick forests of palm trees along the coast in the north. It is also noted for fresh warm water springs of curative properties.
It has a coastline of over 750-km long. This h besides it is famous for high mountains that contain different monuments; Mountain El-Tm Mountain El-Munagah, Mountain El-Maghara the Red Mountain and EI-Serbal Mountain. Also the Red Sea, with its warm clear waters, offers a colorful coral reefs and rare marine life. As well as windsurf, motorboats races and year round resorts.
It is also of the most suitable place for diving where many diving centers have been located upon the various beaches.