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General Information South Sinai

General information | Ras Sudr South Sinai
Official language
Head of State
President Mohammed Morsi
Form of government
1.001450 km²
Density of Population
76 inhabitants per km²
Entry Requirements
Please check the visa requirements for your destination at the appropriate consulate or embassy in your county and do this as well in advance of your travel date.
Egypt is located in the northeast of Africa. It borders on the Red Sea and Israel in the east, on the Mediterranean Sea in the north, on Libya in the west and on the Sudan in the south.
The official language in Egypt is Arabic, but most of the Egyptians working in the tourism industry can speak English.
Time difference
CET +1 hour, GMT +2 hour
220-volt altering currency, 50 Hertz sometimes combined with fluctuation.Owing to the different plugs an adapter may be necessary.
The dialling code for Egypt is 0020. Calling somebody from the hotel might be more expensive than calling from the telephone offices where you can also buy telephone cards for phone booths.
Letters and postcards destined to go to Europe could take up to two weeks. Postcards can either be handed over to the reception or thrown into the blue post boxes (the red and green ones are for letters with an Egyptian destination).
You will often be provided with access to the Internet at the hotels or in the nearest town. Ras Sidr Town has a few internet cafes.
Health Regulations
If you travel from Europe there is no immunization required. However, it is recommended to get a vaccination against hepatitis A and typhoid. Consult your family doctor before departure.
Hot and dry desert climate. During summer temperatures can rise up to more than 40 degrees, but combined with a pleasantly low humidity. The nights are lukewarm. During winter the temperature still reaches about 23 degrees. Rain is rare. The nights, however, can be quite cool, especially when it is windy, therefore a pullover and a jacket are necessary. During summer light cotton clothing is recommended. If you want to go to the desert, warm clothing will be necessary. Sunglasses and headgear to protect you from the sun are advisable.
The transfer from the airport in Cairo to Ras Sudr takes about 2.5 hours. The transfer from the airport in Sharm El Sheik to Ras Sudr takes about 3.5 hours.
Rental Car and Transport
Taxis are relatively cheap.
Currency/Mode of Payment
Local currency is the Egyptian pound (LE)
1 Egyptian pound = 100 piaster (PT) = 1000 millemes
Money can be changed at the exchange offices. International credit cards are generally accepted. Cash dispensers only exist in the cities and tourist areas. Euro cheques will only be cashed (if at all) on presentation of the cheque card and the passport.

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