Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ras Sidr Hospital Sinai

The old Ras Sidr hospital, has now been replaced by a new state of the art Ras Sidr General Hospital, in the town of Ras Sidr Sinai.

The hospital is clearly signposted from the main Ras Sidr turn off.

Directions to the hospital are as follows:

Take the turn off for Ras Sidr town at the Mosaic Fish Statue. Follow the road through the souk area over the first roundabout, then turn right at the crescent hospital sign. 50 mtrs along this road will bring you into the rear of the hospital complex.

The hospital is situated between the corniche and the villa complex at the 'Flower Basket' roundabout.

The hospital grounds also house a beautifully designed mosque and visitors accommodations.

Hospital Numbers:

Tel: 069-3400214

Tel: 069-3401774

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