Friday, April 24, 2009

Pharoah's Bath / Hammam Pharoun Sinai

In Egypt there are 19 recognised Thermo Mineral springs.

Any water spring with a temperature exceeding 35 c/ 95f is considered a thermal spring.

The Pharoah's Bath Thermo Mineral spring with a year round temperature of 72c in Sinai is probably considered one of the more famous, and many visitors descend on the area each year to bathe in it's mineral rich mud and waters.

Pharoah's Bath or Hammam Pharoun as it is locally known lies approximately 100km from Suez on the Sinai peninsula. Getting there is relatively easy for the tourist.
Pass the Ramada and Moon Beach Resorts 90km South of Suez and on the right hand side of the road you will see a yellow and blue sign signalling the entrance to the 'Bath's'.

Drive a few 100 mtrs along this side road towards the mountainside and the overpowering smell of sulphur leads you to a rocky escarpement along which a road has been built to allow travellers access to the mineral rich sandy beach, the springs and the man made caves which visitors have hewn from the rock creating small sauna's.

There you will find the odd tourist bus, locals and passing visitors lying in the warm sands enjoying the 'free spa', and mineral qualities of the spot, said to cure many ailments including skin diseases and afflictions, rheumatism and arthritis, lung ailments, diabetic sores, and kidney diseases.

Entrance is free.

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