Monday, April 27, 2015

Migrating storks cover sky over Red Sea on way to Europe

As spring comes and temperatures start to rise in Africa, flocks of white storks are seen blanketing the sky along the Red Sea coast, coming from southern and central Africa and heading to central and southern Europe.
Researchers at natural reserves in the Red Sea area described this as the annual migration from Africa to Europe before summer comes.
Swarms of storks were seen in the sky over Hurghada, Gouna and Safaga and tourists, amazed by the migrating birds, took photos of them.
Environmental researcher Mohamed Abdel Ghany said the migration of birds from Africa to Europe usually takes place in February and March after their eggs hatch, then they return to Europe with their young. “These birds stop in several areas along the Red Sea to rest, including Marsa Alam, Hurghada, Gouna and the reserves at the northern islands.”
Ahmed Ghallab, another researcher, said the Environment Ministry, in collaboration with companies producing wind power north of Hurghada, discussed safe ways to install wind turbines away from the birds' migratory path.
The work plan, according to Ghallab, includes environmental monitoring of the whole area during spring, as well as sending researchers to other countries to train in the use of radars at wind farms.

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