Friday, February 1, 2013

EMERGENCY Sinai Bedouin plea for HELP!!!


Sinai Weekly

Community Foundation for South Sinai:

I have had to cancel my trip to Sinai as there has been catastrophic flooding in the last 48 hours. I'm told at least 40 people have lost their lives. Wadi Feiran has been practically washed away by a 3m wall of water travelling at 200Km per hour. 
The road is completely blocked and impassable in both directions. The St Katherine area is thus effectively cut off; wells ruined, electric cables washed away, no gas cylinders left, all firewood wet, and it's been raining and/or snowing all day and is now -3. Many people have lost their homes. They need blankets, bedding and food. 
We're approaching everyone who has given to us in the past in Egypt, to try to secure some immediate relief (Mohammed and Faraj can move small-scale supplies, even though it took Mohammed six hours to cross Wadi Feiran yesterday). 
From here the best we can do right now is pray for everyone who is suffering in the cold. With Egypt racked by tension and the eyes of the international community on Syria, Mali etc, the plight of our Bedouin friends is unlikely to attract much attention - so if you care about Sinai and the Bedu, please help.
 please contact Mohamed Gouda on 01224888018 he is organizing to send supplies


  1. Please help if you can!

  2. I'm so glad you posted this. I heard about the floods but didn't know the extent of the damage. I have shared on FB and Twitter, that is where I found the link. I'll call Mohamed now to see how to help.

  3. عندما تتخلص سيناء من ايدى العسكر سيتم تعميرها واخر نكتة ان رئيس هيئة تعمير سيناء لواء صاعقة ... طيب هاتو لواء من سلاح المهندسين حتى والنتيجة بعد تشكيل الهيئة من 8 شهور صفر مافيش حاجة تمت ولا فيه حاجة سوف تتم انها ملكية خاصة للعسكر

  4. اذا اردتم تعمير سيناء وجعلها مانع طبيعى امام اى عدوان خارجي فعليكم الاتى أولا الخطوة الاولى تنفيذ مشروع زراعة البشر وعندى الموضوع جاهز للتنفيذ
    ثانيا ان تكون جهات التنفيذ تابعة لرئاسة الجمهورية
    ثالثا تنفيذ الجدول الزمنى وعرضة على الاعلام بكل صدق
    رابعا واهم شىء ادماج البدو فى المشروع على ان يتم التنفيذ فى المرحلة الاولى لستتباب الامن أولا وأخيرا ان يكون لى الشرف فى المشاركة فى المشروع ت 01090796324

  5. اتأكدت من كل الناس اللى هناك، الخبر غير صحيح ومافيش اى كارثة فى فران، واصلا السيل نزل يوم السبت اللى فات، وانا راجعة من طريق فران يوم الاربعاء (اول امس) وطبعا الطريق مدمر من السيل لكن الناس كويسيين ومافيش عندهم مصائب ولا كوارث، اما امطار الامس فكان مطر عادى وليس سيل، فلم يحدث شئ جديد بالأمس

  6. I just talked to people in Feiran and St. Catherine. Nobody was killed and while there has been flooding, no houses were destroyed, the roads are cut off. In St. Catherine the electricity only cut for a few hours and mobile reception is also back.

    Here are some pictures and an update from St. Catherine: