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How to help the Orphans of Egypt



How it all Began

The "Sunshine Project" as it is today was founded in 1996 by Pearl Smith and Dr. Amr Taha, secretary General of the Egyptian Doctors Association, and officially opened in the Spring of that year. Early in1997 a trust fund was set up in the UK and charitable status registered. However, the history of the Project dates further back.
In 1992 Pearl Smith was on holiday and met some doctors who were attending a conference in Luxor. During discussions Pearl expressed her concern for the condition of some of the street children. As a result of this interest Pearl was invited to visit a local clinic caring particularly for children and mothers. It was in this one dingy room that she became fully aware of the desperate plight of abandoned children in Egypt. The conditions she witnessed two baby boys living in imprinted itself on her heart.
From this moment on the need of these children preyed on her mind. Pearl became a regular visitor to the clinic, flying back and forth from her UK home, and decided a special home needed to be opened for these children. After selling her home and moving to Luxor, Pearl began a campaign to open such a facility.
In 2003 Pearl Smith returned to the UK to receive treatment for Cancer, sadly Pearl lost her battle with the disease and she died in February 2004.
After Pearl’s sudden and untimely death, long term deputy Lorna Ford took the reigns in Luxor. Lorna re-established the Project under charity No 5, Lorna as Project Manager helped to organise the purchase of Ahmed Esmet Street premises and she ensured the completion of the Village Project. Lorna left the Project in 2009 and Sunshine continued under the Management of the Sunshine Foundation board members in Luxor. The Sunshine Project is an established registered charity (No 5).The Project in Luxor continues to flourish and continues to provide home and care to many needy children, As of June 2010 the number of children receiving care rose to 92.
Initially opening with a handful of children in rented accommodation, the project has become one of the largest N.G.O. organisations in Upper Egypt. On average a new baby arrives every month.

How you can Help

There are so many ways to help a Sunshine child and they need that help now! Please do not put off till tomorrow what you could do today. Sunshine has always been wholly reliant on people’s generosity and you can make all the difference to these children’s lives.
  • Sponsoring a Child
  • Make a one-off Donation
  • On-Line Donation
  • Payroll Giving
  • On-Line Shopping
  • Organise an Event
  • Help us with our Wish List
  • Visit Us in person
For more information on how you can help to make a difference to the lives of these children take a look at the Support Us page
For a list of urgently needed items required both in Egypt and here in the UK take a look at our Wish List

Sunshine Project 

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