Saturday, March 31, 2012

95th Annual Cairo Flower Show at Orman Gardens Giza

Just been to the lovely displays at the 'Cairo 95th Annual Flower Show'

17th March till 17th April is open every day including Friday 10am till 10pm.

Flower show is in Orman Gardens next to Giza Zoo, Downtown Giza.
Entrance fee is 1Le per adult and car parking (inside) the park is 5Le
Plants and trees very reasonable prices!!!

(photos here were taken at the show yesterday)

Whats there for sale :

All sorts of trees (ornamental and fruit)
All kinds of flowers and shrubs

Vegetable seeds
All kinds of Cactii and succulents

Bees and Honey sellers
Mushroom sellers and growers and experts who are marketing private emterprise Mushroom production to the public
Landscape gardening companies
Fountains, ponds and water feature companies
Garden furniture

Composts, mosses and fertilizers
Nubian crafts and ethnic craft sale
Home made sweets and candies
Lawnmowers and all types of gardening equipment (incl tractors)
Irrigation system installation
Solar panels

Garden lighting
Patios and Gazebos
Aquariums and fish and supplies for sale
Jewellery and Perfumes

Barrow boys will cart your purchases to your car for small fee

Well worth a visit and when you have finished going round the show you can relax with a picnic by the lotus ponds and watch the tadpoles!!!

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