Saturday, November 12, 2011

Real Life Farmville in Cairo

Just 10 minutes drive from the Giza Pyramids is a real life Farmville project called the Eco Station.

The founder Christian Mahot from Anjou in France, now resident in Dreamland Compound started the project in 2010 thanks to a plot of land given to Mr Mahot by Dreamland developer Ahmed Bahgat.
The aim of the project is mainly to recycle all of Dreamparks garden refuse into useable organic compost.
His team of workers collect all the refuse and sort it at the Eco Station behind Dreampark, shredding the waste and laying it out in rows to decompose into beautiful rich dark organic compost.

 Christian showing some visitors around part of the project

In the future he hopes to build a hammam house to collect pigeon manure and to install bee hives to collect honey to sell to visitors to help finance his project.
He would also love to own a truck to that his small band of collecters can collect the garden waste rather than contractors being paid to do this. (If anyone knows of anyone willing to donate a truck or small pick up to his project it would be great!!! )
Christian welcomes groups large and small to free tours around his Eco Station to help educate adults and children on recycling Egypts garden waste into useable compost, you just have to call and he will show you or your group around.
Garden refuse being shredded before laying in rows to compost

Christian also works with his friend Michel and his wife bird spotting and insect identification around the project. It's a great way for kids to get to know the lifecycle of plants and  wildlife around them. He encourages schools to take part, but also welcomes family groups.

Kids joining in the fun and watering the rows of compost and collecting insects

If you would like to have a wander around and see a real life Farmville in operation just give Christian a call and he will arrange a visit most days except Fridays.

The Eco Station is a 5 minute drive from the main Dreamland Compound gate on the Al Wahat Road 6th October City next to Dreampark Theme Park.

You can reach Christian on tele: 01091546390

You can read more about the project here:

Eco Station Project in Cairo the real live Farmville

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