Friday, September 30, 2011

Voting procedure and database to check id card and polling station

Below is the Ministry's Official Election website.


By entering your i.d card number you can access your polling information like local polling station.

Steps to vote:

1.Enter i.d card number in box enter id card no here to retrieve local polling station.

2. Go to polling station on appointed day for each governerate with national i.d card.

3. I.D card will then be used as ONLY mechanism to collect ballot paper and numbered ballot paper will be handed to voter who will then enter cross in appropriate box of choice using Pen ink and not pencil. Votes by any other means than a ink cross in a box will be invalid unless voter is illiterate then a thumbprint with a judges official signature will be entered after consulting with voter what choice he wants to make.

4. Ballot paper is then folded and placed in one of 2 boxes. One for the Independant candidate and one for a party.

5. Finger of voter is then dipped in phosphoric ink removable after 24 hours ensures no return to cast another ballot.

6. Blind or otherwise disabled voters will be offered assistance by judges representatives present.

Votes open at 08.00 and close at 19.00 hours.

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