Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Giza Pyramids Ticket Prices 2011-2012 and update

I went to the Giza Pyramids yesterday and there were quite a decent number of foreign tourists and tour buses returning after the recent revolution.
Let's hope the numbers increase.

There is a new ticketing system. It consists now of an electronic glossy card, 2 part ticket. The small portion is removed and inserted into slot in turnstile and the larger brown portion with Pyramids picture is retained as a souvenir.
Lots of turnstiles and help to get you through.
X Ray machine checks bags and you now walk through metal detector like in airports and hotels.

2 great vantage points for taking photographs.

One is the top of the hill at the helicopter landing pad and the other is the walled off enclosure at the top of the plateau where the souvenir sellers have all been relocated past Menkaure Pyramid and beside the Tourist Police Office. You can get a great view all across the plateau of all 6 pyramids, (3 main and 3 smaller) and mastabas and solar boat museum.

Prices are:

Adults 60le
Students 30le
Khufu Pyramid entrance to Burial chamber and 'sky chambers' 100le
Menkaure Pyramid entrance 30le
Car parking 2le


Visitors are advised to ignore all hustlers at entrance Mena House Oberoi side.
DO NOT!!! be pressured into parking you car at the outside of the Mena House opposite the Al Ahram Police Station. These are hustlers so do not stop for them as they try to direct you to park, just drive past on up the hill. 

At the top of the hill close to the great pyramid you will see the ticket office. First buy your  tickets and go through turnstile and meet your driver at the other side of the turnstile as he will, with his ticket drive the car to the official car park beside the pyramids.
You can drive your car or take a horse, or camel or caleche around the various roads around the plateau.

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