Sunday, April 17, 2011


If you want a great day out spend the day at Orman Gardens, near Giza Zoo, Cairo and help Egypts struggling Gareden Centres post revolution.

From now until the middle of May, 9am till 8pm every day there is a huge Flower, Tree, and Landscaping Exhibition there in the Gardens.

You can spend the day wandering around looking and buying all the beautiful plants and trees and succulents and cactii, fruit trees, beautiful flowers and topiary, see honey being made by the bees in glass hives, buy goldfish, terrapin, budgies, koi carp, fish tanks, wander through landscaping exhibits, buy pottery, vases, pots, ceramics, Nubian and bdeouin handicrafts.

They exhibition is large with neatly spaced out rows to wander down. Everyone is very helpful and there are experts on hand to advise on planting etc. All kinds of tools, lawnmowers, fertilizers, composts, insecticides on sale. Herbs, flowers and trees of all descriptions and many unusual ones.

Wheelbarrow boys to cart your purchases for you to the car. Car parking is 5le and I'd advise you all to park inside trhe Gardens so it is easier to get your things back easily to the car although there is parking outside the gardens too. Right now the Lotus and Papyrus ponds have millions of tadpoles ( baby frogs ) swimming around them. Nice for the children to see.
Beautiful topiary on sale, tools, kiosks, and the sellers are very helpful without hassling you. You can wander around and look and buy in perfect peace.

Once you have loaded your car with plants and trees and stuff you can spend the afternoon sitting in the gardens under the tree shade and have a picnic.

It's a great way to help out the Egyptian Garden Centres and growers post revolution.
If you have a garden or balcony or just want to buy some nice house plants its the place to go. Prices are very good. All items were either normal what you would pay or below in the average garden centres.

Entrance is free, you just pay car parking at 5le.

Go along for the day and support our Egyptian Garden Centres and have a great day out till Mid May.

The Orman Gardens are right next to Giza Zoo, close to Cairo University in Giza. Car parking you use the main gate.

Have a great day out and help our Egyptian flower and tree growers.

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