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Egyptian Cabinet of ministers

Egyptian Cabinet of Ministers

Vice Prime Minister
Dr. Yehia Abdel Aziz Abdel Fatah El-Gamal
Tel: 27935000
Fax: 27958048
Ministry of State for Military Production
Dr. Sayd Abdou Moustafa Meshaal
Address:5 Ismail ABaza str. Lazoghly- Cairo
Tel: 27948739
Fax: 27953063
Ministry of Electricity and Energy
Dr. Hassan Ahmed Younis
Address:8 Ramses Str. Ext. , El Abbaseeya Sq.- Cairo
Tel: 24012361 - 24012362
Fax: 22616302
Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation
Mrs. Fayza Mohamed Aboulnaga
Address:8 Adly street - Cairo
Tel: 23910008
Fax: 23908159
Ministry of State for the Environment Affairs
Eng. Maged George Elias Ghatas
Address:30 Misr- Helwan agricultural road ـ Maadi ـ Cairo
Tel: 25256442 - 25256462
Fax: 25256452
Ministry of State for Local Development
Mohsen El-Nomani Mohamed Hafez
Address:4 shooting club street - ElDokki
Tel: 37497470
Fax: 37497788
Ministry of Housing, Utilities & Urban Development
Dr. Mohamed Fathy Abdel Aziz El-Baradei.
Address:1 Ismail Abaza str. El KAsr El Einy str. 3rd Floor
Tel: 27921440 - 27921441
Fax:  27957836
Ministry of Religious Endowment (Awkaf)
Abd Alla Al-Husseni Ahmed Helal
Address:Sabry Abu Alam Str., Bab El Louq, Cairo
Tel: 23933011 - 23929403
Fax: 23929828 - 23926155
Ministry of Finance
Dr. Samir Mohamed Radwan
Address:Ministry of Finance Towers, Nasrcity
Tel: 23428886-23428010-23428032-3428830-23428840
Fax: 26861561
Ministry of Civil Aviation
Ibrahim Ahmed Mannaa
Address:Airport Road- Cairo
Tel: 22677610 - 22677612
Fax: 22679470
Ministry of Transportion
Eng. Atef Abdel Hamid Moustafa
Address:105 El Kasr- El Einy St.
Tel: 27955562 - 27955563
Fax: 27955564
Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation
Dr. Hussien Ehsan Al-Atfy
Address: Gamal Abdel Naser St., Imbaba, Giza
Tel: 35449453- 35449534
Fax: 35449534
Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation
Dr. Ayman Farid Abu-Hadid
Address:1 Nady el Seid str. Dokki, Cairo
Tel: 33373003 - 33372970
Fax: 33372435
Ministry of Scientific Research, Science and Technology
Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama
Address:101 Kasr El Einy street- Cairo
Tel: 27950316 - 27952575
Fax: 27941005
Ministry of Education
Dr. Ahmed Gamal El-Din Moussa
Address:12 Falaki Street
Tel: 27947363 - 27949993
Fax: 27947502
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
Dr. Maged Ibrahim Othman
Address:KM 28 Cairo - Alexandria Road - smart village
Tel: 35341010 - 35341020
Fax: 35371111
Ministry of Health and Population
Dr. Ashraf Mahmoud Ibrahim Hatem
Address:3 Magless El Shaab st.
Tel: 27943462 - 27942865
Fax: 27953966
Ministry of Social Solidarity and Justice
Dr. Gouda Abdel Khalek El-Sayed Mohamed
Address:99 elkasr eleeny street - Cairo
Tel: 3375404
Fax: 3375390 - 3365074
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Dr. Samir Youssef Ali El-Sayyad
Address:2 Latin America street - garden city - Cairo
Tel: 27921193 - 27921194
Fax: 27940554
Ministry of Tourism
Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour
Address:Cairo International Conferences Center - Nasr City - Cairo
Tel: 22611732 - 26839968
Fax: 26859551 - 26859463
Ministry of Justice
Counselor Mohamed Abdel Aziz Ibrahim El-Gendy
Address:Lazoghly sq. - Cairo
Tel: 27922263
Fax: 27958103
Ministry of Interior
Mr. Mansour Abdel Kerim Moustafa Essawy
Address:25 El Sheikh Rihan street- Cairo
Tel: 27955005
Fax: 27960682
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dr. Nabil Abdalla El-Araby
Address:Kornish el Nile, Maspiro- Cairo
Tel: 25749820 - 25749821
Fax: 25748822
Ministry of Manpower and Migration
Dr. Ahmed Hassan Al-Boraei Ahmed Al-Boraei
Address:3 Yousseff Abbas str., Nasr City, Cairo
Tel: 22609359 - 22602199
Fax: 23035332
Ministry of Culture
Dr. Emad Badr El-Din Mahmoud Abu Ghazy
Address:2 Shagaret el Dorr street, Zamalek- Cairo
Tel: 27380761 - 27380762
Fax: 27353947
Ministry of Petroleum and Metallurgical Wealth
Eng. Mohamed Abdalla Mohamed Abdel Menim Ghorab
Address:1 Ahmed El Zomor str. Nasr City, next to Enppi- Cairo
Tel: 26706401 - 26706402
Fax: 26706419
Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs
Zahi Abbas Abdel Wahab Hawas
Tel: 27358761 - 273560645 - 27371724
Fax: 27357239

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