Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great new website about Revolution.

Principles of Tahrir Squared

1. Tahrir Squared (T2) is an initiative set up in the aftermath of the January 25th uprising in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt.
2. T2’s aim is to engender, report on and otherwise support initiatives that were and are set up in the spirit of the etiquette that was displayed in Tahrir Square during the uprising. In particular, the concern for the people of Egypt, without differentiation between the Muslims or the Christians, rich or poor, old or young, disabled or not, man or woman. That etiquette and concern are what engender within T2 the conviction that this is a truly unique moment in our time.
3. T2 is the expression of the will of young people who were in Cairo during the time of the uprising and who hope for the best for Egypt, the Arab region, the wider Muslim world and humanity, one and all.
4. The main activity of T2 is to:
a) provide information on civil society initiatives and political activities that are taking place in Egypt as a consequence of the new atmosphere of freedom;
b) provide information on civil society initiatives and political activities that are taking place in other parts of the Arab world that are likewise being touched by the same atmosphere, including Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain and elsewhere;
c) to provide a forum for discussions on a) & b);
d) to provide information on the situation in other predominantly Muslim countries in the same way, whether in the Middle Eastern region or not;
e) to provide information on the situation in other non-Muslim countries around the world;
f) to provide such information by way of articles printed elsewhere or blog posts placed on the site;
g) to provide such information through multi-media.
h) To enable initiatives and civil society actions through the work of T2and not just facilitating initiatives that are already out there.
5. Examples of ‘civil society initiatives’ might be as simple as clean-up crews in city centres, to being as complex as organising ‘town hall meetings’ around the Arab world, or encouraging environmental actions in Asia – if they are somehow inspired by Tahrir Square. Examples of ‘political activities’ might be discussions on the constitution and how to ensure political institutions are maintained or reformed in a way that allows for maximum public benefit through civil society activity. We view the political activities as necessary, but insufficient activities for T2 to support – while we view the civil society activities, while more important long-term, to be sometimes difficult to achieve without political activity.
6. T2 is not a place to begin any activity outside of the law. T2 is a place to help civil society develop within the law.
7. T2 recognises that in certain exceptions, the law has failed, and people have no choice but to take up arms to defend themselves – this has obviously been the case in Libya as a result of the actions of the regime. It never came to this in Egypt, however, which is why Tahrir Square never became the site of an armed revolt against the state. Rather, the state collapsed as a result of the army refusing to break the cardinal law of Egypt and humanity – not to take innocent human life, even when ordered.
8. T2 will be a place where the breakdown, when and if it happens, can be discussed and explored in a free and open environment.
9. In short: T2 will create an archive on these issues and activities, will spread and disseminate information on these issues and activities, will provide a space for all that energy that exploded from Tahrir Square to be utilised, and facilitate that, and will create new ideas directly to do things in the real world.
10. The first manifestation of T2 is, in the first instance, this website, which is located at www.tahrirsquared.com, which will be the manifestation of T2 activity as mentioned previously. All of this must affect people on the ground in the real world. There can be a virtual community, but its useless if it does not encourage, stimulate and carry out action in real life.

Visit this fantastic new site here:

Tahrir Squared
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