Monday, February 14, 2011

Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam Song for the world.

My People

by Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens) on Sunday, 13 February 2011

Dear Friends,
If you wish to take part in adding your voice to support people around the world still dreaming of being unshackled from harsh authoritarian regimes, you will soon have a chance to do so.

Yusuf has written a song which is inspired by the world shaking call to freedom and the removal of oppression from the peoples of Tunisia and Egypt, the song called My People will soon be available and you'll be able to send a recording of your voice to be used on the chorus - God Willing.

If you would like to join in, this is how:

1. Listen to the chorus, "MY PEOPLE", here
2. Choose one of the 3 part harmony samples, and record yourself singing the words "MY PEOPLE",
3. Then send your recording as an MP3/ Wav or Aiff (with no background noise pleaseto:

To Download Yusuf's MP3 Sample to your computer right click and select 'Download Linked File'

We will try to use as many submissions as possible. The deadline for receiving your contribution will be Tuesday 15th February, 3pm GMT.

The track once completed will be made available as a FREE MP3 Download.



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