Thursday, November 11, 2010

Acquiring Egyptian I.D. and Egyptian Passport

Wives of Egyptian spouses who have been issued Egyptian Citizenship, can be issued Egyptian I.D, and Egyptian Passports.

The wife of the spouse must have lived in Egypt as husband and wife in the same home for two years. The wife must have gained Egyptian Citizenship and have the Egyptian Citizenship Card. See here acquiring Egyptian Citizenship 

The process:

Take Egyptian Citizenship Card to any  Civil Registration Dept ( Segil Madani ), or you can take it to the  branch at Abbasseya, Cairo, 1st floor. (Public toilet is downstairs turn right and in the small shopping mall square.) (Male toilet is in the Registration office).

Husband will have to show his I.D. and provide the following:

Photocopy and original of Egyptian Citizenship Card (blue)

Photocopy and original of the letter from Mogamma which states you can apply for Egyptian ID ( this is given along with the Egyptian Citizenship Card to you).

Photocopy and original of marriage certificate.

Photocopy and original of wifes passport.

Photocopy and original of wifes birth certificate so that they can obtain wifes parents details.

If it is a second marriage you also have to provide original and photocopy of divorce absolute decree.

note: The Egyptian Citizenship Card will be based on your maiden name as this is the name on the marriage certificate and if you change your name after marriage this can be a problem as you will now have 2 identities. see: Name change on Citizenship

The Abbasseya Office will check all documents above and take copies and enter you onto the central computer system.

10 days later you can go to any Civil Registration Dept (Segil al Medani) and collect your new Egyptian Birth Certificate.
see: Acquiring Egyptian Birth Certificate

This Egyptian Birth Certificate must then be taken back to the Abbasseya Civil Registration Office, (the same desk as before) .

This office will now issue your new Egyptian I.D and Egyptian Passport.

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