Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gebel Musa Mount Sinai Mountain Refuge

Mahmoud's Mt Sinai Refuge

Mount Sinai is known as Jabal Musa by the local Jabaleya

Mount Sinai Refuge with the whitewashed Chapel of the Prophet Elijah in the background

Many travellers visit the mountain every night to capture some of the mystery of its past but lose it in the long climb up and the desperate pack of tourists besieging the summit for sunrise.

We offer an alternative: climb the little frequented back routes of Mount Sinai along old pilgrimage trails as far as Elijah’s basin and watch the sun set; dine round a camp-fire and sleep under a Bedouin tent; wake up an hour before dawn, climb to the summit and join the pilgrims for sunrise; retreat to the quiet of Elijah’s basin for breakfast and fresh bread; then either return to the monastery or stay and explore the mountain where ibex graze and lizards warm themselves on the rocks.

We provide bedding, clean eco-toilets and washing facilities. It is always warm during the day, but at night, temperatures can drop precipitously. We ensure that you won’t be cold. Dinner and breakfast are provided.

We also provide authoritative tours of the Monastery.

Please go to our History notes for background to Mount Sinai and the Monastery of St Catherine.

Morning on the summit of Mount Sinai 

Service on Mt Sinai

Climbing Mt Sinai with Mt St Catherine in the background

Harduun sunning itself on Mt Sinai

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