Saturday, May 1, 2010

Emergency Services in the Sinai

Emergency Ambulance
Call 123

In the event of an emergency or an accident you have to call 123 for the ambulance.

The call is taken at Xceed call centre in Smart Village Cairo and logged. The logger then dispatches the nearest ambulance to the scene. If you have private insurance you must tell the ambulance control which company and which hospital nearest you is used in the policy. This will very often lead to a dispatch of that particular hospitals private ambulance if it is closer to you.
Give the dispatcher your name, location and city. Then give details of accident or emergency and number of people involved.
An ambulance will then be dispatched with a paramedic ( very basically trained ) and a driver on board. If you are using insurance the private ambulance will usually always also carry a doctor. If the nearest ambulance is too far in secluded areas in Sinai the air ambulance will be dispatched.

The highways throughout Sinai are dotted with Ambulance 'rests', where teams are ready to take calls.
Ambulance 'rests' are highly visible around road junctions and are coloured bright orange. There will be one and possible two ambulances at each.

A typical Ambulance Rest in Sinai

Egypt's ambulances are two colours.
Bright Orange and Fluorescent Green.
Orange ambulances carry one patient and one passenger, the green ambulances are bigger and are used for multiple patients.

Interior of ambulance

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