Monday, April 26, 2010

Historical Timeline of Sinai Part 6

EXODUS: 1450 – 1250 BC

The exact date of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and their 40 years of wandering the Wilderness of Sinai is not known. There have been many theories but “Nowhere in the Sinai” says Professor Rothenberg of Tel Aviv University, “did we or our colleagues find any concrete remains of the stations on the Exodus routes, nor even small encampments that could be attributed to the relevant period. Neither did we discover anything that would help us identify the Mountain of God”.

Some scholars attribute the lack of archaeological evidence of the Israelites in Sinai to the theory that the vessels were made of wood, leather, gourds or other perishable materials. Others suggest that the stations on the Exodus route mentioned in the Bible have been either covered and obliterated by the desert sands or washed away by erosion. We find it difficult to accept these arguments, because there are thousands of ancient sites in Sinai predating the Exodus. The notion that the Israelites had only vessels of perishable materials during their 40 years of wandering is most unlikely.

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