Monday, April 26, 2010

Historical Timeline of Sinai Part 13

Late Paleolithic Age: 32,000 BC – 28,000 BC

We don’t even have a name for the people who inhabited the Sinai Peninsula at this time, but they lived in northern Sinai in the barren hills around Jebel Maghara and Jebel el Lagama not far from such rich water sources as Bir el Gafgafa. They continued to inhabit the area until the Epipaleolithic period which lasted until about 8000 BC.

Many of these nomad’s old campsites were discovered where they left their surprisingly sophisticated flint implements. Most were scrapers and knives. But archaeologists also found tiny rectangular or trapezoidal blades also known as “microliths” which could have been mounted end to end in a wooden shaft, long since decayed, of course. The result would have been a large cutting tool like a sickle. From their tools and the remains of their settlements, we can see that they were nomadic groups of hunters and food gatherers who encamped in small groups of not more than 100 or so people.

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