Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sheikh Sina Bedouin Treks


 شيخ سيناء

 Sheikh Sina was founded by an EU initiative intended to equip Bedouin guides with hospitality management and language skills. The overall aim of the project is to improve mountain tourism operations in South Sinai by raising the quality of the already existing mountain hikes. Safety is of utmost importance, as are a stress on lowered environmental impacts. We also take the empowerment of local guides seriously and make sure that they are securing livelihoods through Sheikh Sina. Hikers will have a rich experience interacting with the Bedouin guides and experiencing South Sinai nature. 

Currently there are native English, German and French speaking tour leaders working alongside the Bedouin guides.

The initiative also assists in building several Ecolodges in the South Sinai region.

The treks offer spectacular mountain views and well deserved relaxation at the various garden oases along the way. These gardens offer the opportunity to take a break and sample the delicious fruit in season. Tucked away in a network of valleys or wadis these green areas have been cultivated by Bedouins for centuries. As the trek progresses, the hiker will encounter diverse terrain, ancient ruins, various rock formations and the beautiful colors accompanying them. The rich variety of plant and animal life will also be of interest. The chance to experience this desert world and unique Bedouin way of life should not be missed.

Leisure Treks 
Our Leisure Treks are very accessible, designed with most anyone in mind; anyone that is, who is looking for a bit of exertion along with their vacation. Walking days can be upwards of 6 hours often over mountains and down into valleys. The reward for tired legs are beautiful views, fresh mountain air and the satisfaction of arriving at your destination whether that be a remote ecolodge, an oasis in the desert, a walled orchard or your guesthouse in St. Catherine's. >>> more

arrow Mountain Vistas trek (5 days)
arrow Five Canyon trek (5 days)
arrow Sand and Sea trek (10 days)


Adventure Treks 
Our Adventure Treks are not for everyone. They are designed for experienced trekkers in mind, those who are up for long walks often over difficult terrain without footpaths and in very remote locations. Walking days can be upwards of 8 hours. You will leave comforts behind and sleep in the often harsh conditions of the desert. These treks are not for the weak of body or spirit but those who choose them will come back having learned much by pushing the limits and experiencing a new way of life. You won’t easily forget this adventure! >>> more

arrow Peak to peak to peak... (5 days)
arrow Off the beaten path (5 days) arrow Great Escape (8 days)


Speciality Treks 
Our Specialty Treks are unique, long, and logistically complex. Involving guides and camels from different tribal territories is always a political challenge, but despite the possible hiccups, hikers will discover the whole of South Sinai, either by walking from the Gulf of Aqaba to the Gulf of Suez, or by circling the peninsula to catch the most stunning mountains on offer. After these treks, you will know South Sinai better than many Bedouin! >>> more

arrow Coast to Coast – An Exodus (14 days)
arrow Fangs of the Moon (15 days)


Short Walks 
Our Short Walks are easy and accessible. Never exceeding four hours of walking a day, they are designed with families and less thrill seeking hikers in mind. Families, couples, or anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life will enjoy our relaxation walks and come back feeling fully refreshed. >>> more

arrow Towards the Desert Lodge – 2 days
arrow Secret Gardens Walk – 2 days
arrow Mt. Sinai Sunset Walk – 2 days arrow Blue Pool – 3 days

glyphIn the summer months, an early start and long rests in the midday heat is in order, while in the winter, camp is folded later with a shorter break for lunch. All the equipment and food is carried by camel to the camp site each night, the hiker need only carry a daypack with water, some snacks and small personal belongings. (see trek information for further details)

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