Monday, March 15, 2010

Blue O Two Reef Clean Up Schedule and Prices

’HAYAH’ - Reef Clean-up (Subsidised)

'Not for profit... for the Red Sea!'

We are running reef clean-up safari's in support of marine conservation and HEPCA's new 'HAYAH' campaign. 

Hayah' meaning 'Life' in Arabic, is HEPCA's most ambitious environmental project yet, aiming to involve all sections of the Red Sea community to work towards; raising awareness, education and responsibility and active participation. 
The 'Hayah' safari follows a North & Ras Mohamed itinerary and focuses on 'problem reefs' in the Northern Red Sea.  
2-3 clean-ups will take place during the week - allowing an opportunity for divers to get involved and make a real contribution to the preservation of this unique ecosystem.

*All dive sites visited are subject to weather conditions and is at the discretion of your dive guides and vessel captain.

Evening seminars on reef conservation will also be conducted by blue o two's expert dive guides.

Blue O Two run these trips at a subsidised price in an attempt to make ecotourism more accesible to the masses - Everyone should be able to afford to help!
Guests will experience a week of stunning Red Sea liveaboard diving with the added value of giving something back to the marine environment that they love.

          HAYAH Itinerary info sheet  

Please see our schedules and prices for the next available 'Hayah' reef clean-up safari.  For more information or to book, please call our UK team on 01752 480808

Guest Comment from previous 'HAYAH' trip:
"We did the reef clean-up - it was excellent! Shame we did not have more space for rubbish and clean-ups. I really think if every liveaboard had one extra clean-up dive - well imagine how much help it could be!" Helen Fraser.

"The information regarding conservation for the reef was excellent! The idea of subsidised trips was fantastic to make eco-tourism more attainable for divers on a budget. For the less confident diver the opportunity to learn more about diving ethos from the crew and boat guides was amazing and full of encouragement." Abigail Chambers.

"I enjoyed the trip very much, the diving was great. The presentations on coral reefs by Elke and Karin were very interesting, they were both very knowledgeable. The reef clean-up was fun, we amongst other things collected almost a full wardrobe of clothes!" Paul Thomson.

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