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Ras Sidr Hot Spring Artesian Well (Part 1)

                                             Boiling water and steam rising from the tapped Artesian Well at Abu Suweir.

5 Km's to the South of the town of Ras Sidr, lies the small Bedouin village of Abu Suweir.

                                        Mineral rich clay rivulet heading down to the lake.

3Km's to the East of Abu Suweir lies one of the lesser known Hot Thermal Spring/Artesian Wells of South Sinai. The Ras Sidr Artesian Well 2.

The springs are rarely seen by tourists and only occasionally you will see locals bathing in the warm mineral rich lake formed by a small geyser of boiling hot water, gushing into a small rivulet feeding the lake.

                  Boiling water and steam rising from the water depositing mineral rich elements in the clay sand.

As you approach the spring lake you can see hot steam rising in the distance, and in the early evening a pall of steam hovers above the lake giving the location an eerie, but spectacular look often missed by tourists heading towards Sharm el Sheikh in the South.

The water gushes at a temperature of 89c the highest temperature of any of the Sinai Springs, at the apex of a small hilly area, forming a winding track downhill and into a lake at the bottom of the elevation. Occasionally a small geyser will erupt sprouting water into the air and causing steam clouds to rise as it meanders downhill.

                                                               Dark deposits of volcanic iron ore and other minerals.

The water at the source is much to hot to the touch, but as it empties into the lake it cools to a very comfortable warm bath temperature, ideal for relaxing in. Between the geyser and the lake on either side of the river track is mineral rich clay, with a top thin coating of iron sediment. The waters are high in beneficial health giving properties and local Egyptians coat their bodies in the clay, easing arthritic pains, thereafter washing them off in the lake below.

The Artesian Well Spring is easy to get to from the town of Ras Sidr.


Take the main road out of Ras Sidr South heading towards Abu Suweir Village (approx 5 km), as you approach the village on your left you will see a cafe called Dream Cafe, and a concrete round water tower opposite on your left. Directly opposite the water tower just past the cafe make a left turn. You will then see on your right the high walls of Abu Suweir Military camp.

Drive through the first checkpoint for approx 2km's. On your right you will pass 3 blue oil drilling pumps. Pass then and ahead will be another military checkpoint with sentry boxes on either side of the road. At this checkpoint turn right. You will now be heading South parallel with the Abu Suweir Main Road you have come from. About 2 Km's along this road you will see a tree plantation on your right. Pass this and carry on along just beyond and you will see a dirt track and the steam rising from the lake. It will be the first green area you will see after the plantation. Park your car just off the main road and the lake is a one minute walk there.

Occasionally you may see a few Bedouin children riding their donkeys watching the locals swimming, but they will not hassle you, or try to sell you anything.

                                     The Ras Sidr Artesian Well Lake 7km from Ras Sidr Town.

There is nothing but a lake and artesian well there and a few trees and bushes dotted around, so don't expect any type of refreshments or services, take your own.
 There is also no sheltered area in Summer except some palms.

Short Video of the Ras Sidr Artesian Well.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

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