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Wind Surfing and Kite Boarding in Ras Sidr

Skyriders & Club Mistral - Ras Sudr

Based in: Egypt
The Club Mistral centre is on the far windward side of the Ramada Hotel. An approximately 100m-wide sandy stretch separates the centre from the flat turquoise water.

The long coastal strip curves windward here, creating a bay, and stretches further and further out into the water for a kilometre, forming a sandbank, before receding again. This has two effects. First, the wind can blow sideshore across the wide sandbank without hindrance and there are no gusts or turbulences. Second, flat water with a very slight chop ensures freeride and freestyle enjoyment pure. Another advantage: a (tide-dependent) touch-the-bottom area extending about 100 m into the sea at this part of the beach.

The north to north-east wind blows sideshore to 35 c sideshore and gains force during the morning, reaching its maximum by midday. So there's no need to hurry with breakfast. Towards the end of the afternoon, the wind generally dies down again. With a light breeze and flat water, the mornings offer ideal conditions for novices.

All in all, the spot can be classified as very safe with its sideshore wind, shallow area, fine sand and the adjacent marina. Naturally, we offer our "Unlimited Instruction" programme at this excellent training venue.

chools and Centres Details
Opening Times

Daily 9.00 am - 05.30 pm, 15th February till 8th of January

Ramada Resort
The Ramada Ras Sudr resort, with its spacious grounds, is situated about 10 km south of the small town of Ras Sudr and about 80 km south of the Suez Canal. The fantastic beach reimburses for the isolated location.

Ras Sudr, Egypt


Getting there:
You can travel to Ras Sudr via Cairo or Sharm el Sheik. The former alternative can be recommended, as it is the shortest way and you can also take advantage of the opportunity to visit the sights of Cairo on the way there or back. If you wish to do so, it would be best to include at least one night's stay in Cairo in your travel schedule.

Getting there via Cairo:
If you have booked directly with Club Mistral, our agent, Midland Travel, will be responsible for your transfer. If you have made your own travel arrangements, we recommend taking a taxi or, alternatively, a rental car, although you will actually have very little need for a rental car once you are there and this would also be the more expensive alternative. The taxi driver should be familiar with your destination. If you opt for a rental car, leave Cairo International Airport and travel south in the direction of the Suez tunnel. There is a roundabout after the tunnel, where you should take the first exit, in the direction of Ras Sudr, El Tur and Sharm el Sheik. About 1 hour's drive from the tunnel, after the town of Ras Sudr, you will see a large sign for the Ramada Hotel. Turn right here into the hotel driveway.

Getting there via Sharm el Sheik:
The only advantage of flying to Sharm el Sheik lies in the large number of charter carriers that fly to this destination, the best-known on the Sinai. Transfer time from the airport to Ras Sudr with our agent, Midland Travel, is about 3 1/2 to 4 hours. By taxi, it will take approximately the same length of time. There are several car rental centres in Sharm el Sheikh. To get to Ras Sudr, you should take the southern route along the harbour of Sharm el Sheik in the direction of El Tur. Continue along the road, which follows the seashore almost the whole time, until you see the large sign for the Ramada Hotel, about 15 km before Ras Sudr. Turn left here into the hotel driveway.
General Facilities

Cafe/Snack Bar
Shop/Equipment Sales
Multilingual Staff
Disabled Access
Internet Access
Swimming Pool
Pick Up Service/Transfers
Credit Cards Accepted
Windsurfing Facilities

Rescue Boat
Equipment Rental
Storage Facility
Servicing & Repairs

Kitesurfing Facilities

Rescue Boat
Equipment Rental
Storage Facility
Kite Repair Service

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