Saturday, January 30, 2010

Win money prize by early phone bill payment at TE Data

Telecom Egypt declared for a payment competition for January 2010 bill.

Early payment for the bill gives the customers bigger chance to win
1, 800, 000 LE total amount of prizes.

Telecom Egypt declared for a big competition for residential customers of fixed line, who will pay January bill 2010. Eng. Tarek Tantawy, CEO of Telecomegypt, assured that TE will conduct a weekly draw for four weeks; and the first draw will be after the first week of issuing date of January bill. The first winner will get 100.000 L.E., the second 75 000 L.E., the third 50 000 L.E., the fourth 25 000 LE & another 20 winners 10 000 L.E. for each .All prizes will exclude taxes.
Eng. Tarek Tantawy added that the customer will have more chances to win if he paid his bill as early as possible, for e.g. the customer who pays his bill in the first week starting from issuing date (20 January to 26 January) will have bigger chance to enter the draw four times, the second week will have three chances, the third week will have two chances ,till the fourth week the customer will have only one chance.
TE mentioned before, that January bill will be issued in the 20th of January instead of 1st of January according to the new billing system in TE.
TE will accept Payment through all its payment channels like centrals ,website and some clubs، post office،some banks ، khadamatty and khadamatk shops that spread all over Egypt.
Eng.Emad El Azhary, the vice chairman of commercial affairs, mentioned that the draw will be under supervision of the Ministry of social affairs & be held in AMAC center in Al Ahram newspaper to select the winners. Also he added that, the customer can know his bill and any information about the draw through TE’s call center (111).

Eng. Emad confirmed that TE will present this draw to reward the customers who pay their bills early, aiming to their satisfaction & wishing to them a good luck .

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