Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wave Riders Kite Boarding at Ras Sidr

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Ras Sudr is a small town located about 37 miles south of the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel which bridges the Suez canal and connects mainland Egypt to Sinai. Ras Sudr has been a favourite weekend destination for the elite of Cairo as it is only 2 hours away.

The beaches are superb and covered with the finest yellow sand, the winds are strong and smooth, and the sea a rich turquoise. As a relatively new and excellent kitesurfing holiday destination, it is pleasantly uncrowded!

The resort is quiet, so evening entertainment is based around the kite centre exclusively for Waveriders kitesurfers. The Paradise beach is without a doubt the best Kitesurfing spot in Ras Sudr.

Ras Sudr offers the best wind range and consistency in Egypt and is a resort for those looking to kite all day, every day in non-gusty winds.

The Wind in Ras Sudr is epic and very different to other Kitesurfing holiday destinations in Egypt. Ras sudr is in the Sinai so the winds hold moisture from the natural springs hidden under the desert, the winds get accelerated as are funnelled through the mountain ranges that flank the Suez Canal and are all day from 8 am till 8 pm and later a lot of the time.

From March to the end of October, the winds are consistently 18 to 25 knots and smooth as, so a joy to kite surf! It’s a no brainer if you want to kite surf multiple flat water spots, Ras Sudr is your spot!

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