Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Update on floods in Ras Sidr

We called our neighbours last night expecting to drive to Sinai tonight to salvage what we could after the floods but he gave us good news and an update if anyone is interested.

Ras Sidr where we have our place, the town itself is unaffected.
Possibly because we are on higher ground and the buildings where we are are mainly villa's or on the other side of the main road concrete blocks of flats and not mudbrick or the usual bedouin type dwellings.
Ras Sidr had a quick flash flood and there were no reports of damage to housing or infrastructure.

Abu Suweir village 5kms to the South of us was very badly affected due to the bedouin type construction and it's situation below a mountainous range where water poured down and over the highway into the low lying area of Abu Suweir. One lady died and my neighbour said that many homes were destroyed.
The Army is there now erecting tents for evacuees.

The Main Road to Sharm el Sheikh is flooded and closed.
Sand has been washed from the mountain ranges down to the sea and covered many parts of the highway and it is impassable.

The Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel from Cairo into Suez was closed last night due to flooding. No idea the status today.
It's advisable not to travel into Sinai at the moment over the Peace bridge because you will not be able to travel South till the army clear the highway.

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