Monday, January 4, 2010

Cairo Airport to Sinai by Airport Shuttle Bus.

Cairo airport run a fleet of brand new air conditioned mini buses which will transport you to any part of Sinai for a flat one off fee, no matter how many passengers.
It's a safer and more economical way of travelling around Egypt.

For example a trip from the airport to Ras Sidr is 430le flat fee fully inclusive for up to 7 passengers.

You can book online or call speed dial 19970 from Egypt.


1- Is your fare based on a shared or a private ride?

Our system does not support shared rides. All our rides are private.

2. How long do I have to wait before a bus is ready for my ride?

If you are exiting the arrivals hall at the airport it’s a matter of a few minutes before you are on your way to your destination. If, however, you are calling from within the city, you’ll need to allow for the nearest available bus to reach you.

3. Are you going to charge me waiting time while I finish the customs and immigration procedures inside the airport?

The short answer is NO. In fact, you do not even need to reserve your ride in advance. Just exit the arrivals hall and look for our desk. Or call 19970 for service.

However, and only if you have called from inside the city and are heading to the airport (or elsewhere) you have to board the waiting bus within 30 minutes. After that period we begin to charge you waiting time.

4. Are your prices based on the number of persons in a party or are they per vehicle?

Our prices are a flat fee not based on the number of persons. You can invite your friends along as long as there are available seats on the bus.

5. What are the working hours for your buses?

24/7. We are at your service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

6. What is the estimated travel time between ………. and …………..?

This is a trick question for Cairo, but we do have an available schedule for your convenience. However, please do allow for extra time to be on the safe side.

7. I do not know the location of my hotel so I cannot estimate the fee … does your driver know the prices for all the Cairo destinations?

You can find most of the main hotels in Cairo in the following schedule. If your hotel is not listed in the schedule, drop us a line and we’ll inform you.

8. Exactly how near the hotel door will I be dropped off?

Our bus takes you right to the hotel main entrance. Our vehicles are shuttle buses and our prices are reasonable, but our service can really be compared to a limousine service.

9. Do you provide transportation to places other than Cairo?

Our service is available to any destination of your choice in Egypt.

10. Can you give me an example of fares for destinations outside Cairo?

This schedule may be of help. Just click on it.

11. Are your fares quoted in Egyptian Pounds?

Yes, all prices marked on the reservations page are in Egyptian Pounds.

12. Is the price inclusive of taxes and other fees?

Yes, prices include all taxes and fees.

13. Do prices change according to the time of day?

No. Prices are the same for all hours.

14. Can I pay in Dollars or Euros?

Yes, we accept payment in these currencies.

15. Are the prices quoted on the reservations page one way or return.

Prices are, of course, for a one-way trip.

16. Do you handle return trips?

Yes. A return trip (going to a given destination and back) with a maximum waiting time of 30 minutes between trips is charged at 1-1/2 times the basic one way trip. If, however, you need the bus to wait for more than 30 minutes, a waiting fee will be added. Contact the office (19970) to get a price.

17. Can the fare be paid by credit card or electronic transfer?

Unfortunately, for the time being it’s cash only unless you happen to be a frequent user with an open account with the company. We are planning to add prepayment by credit card and/or electronic transfer to our Web Site as soon as possible.

18. Where can I find the shuttle buses as I exit the arrivals hall?

You will see our reservations counter inside every arrival hall and our buses outside every arrival hall. Just look for Cairo Airport Shuttle Bus as you are exiting customs.

19. Can Cairo Airport Shuttle Bus take me from my Hotel to the Pyramids for example and back?

Yes. Our buses will take you anywhere in Egypt and back if needed. We can also arrange for a limousine with driver depending on the number of passengers.


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