Sunday, January 31, 2010

Green Sudr/ Creative Green Resort Ras Sidr

Creative Green/Green Sudr Hotel Ras Sudr

The new management have already improved the services at the Green hotel a great deal, meaning this Egyptian hotel is now running very smoothly.
The newly employed staff have lots of experience working in tourist services and are really helpful, friendly and efficient when dealing with personal requests from guests.
The hotel and the rooms are very clean showing that cleanliness is the new managements top priority.

As well as hearing great feedback from our guests about the hotel services, we are also happy to hear positive feedback about the buffet breakfast and dinner.
The restaurant is spacious and clean with a wide selection of fresh food which has impressed our guests, as have the restaurant staff who are flexible and have taken good care of any special requests.
The view from the restaurant overlooks the man made and natural lagoons which sit right in front of the Club Mistral/Skyriders centre!
The centre has a warm and very relaxed atmosphere, and the Club Mistral and Skyriders staff members based at the green centre are really happy to welcome all guests to the Green Hotel and introduce you to the spot.
With the fantastic conditions the spot has to offer and the reliability of the new management at the Green Hotel, our guests now experience a very pleasant stay in Ras Sudr, and enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere here with Club Mistral and Skyriders.
We are really happy to hear all the positive feedback we have received from our guests about the Green Hotel and are happy to be able to give Club Mistral and Skyriders guests the option of the two hotels.

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