Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sinai Medicinal Plants Conservation Project.

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

With its high mountains and deep wadis in the southern Sinai Peninsula and its relatively unexplored desert ecosystem of flora and fauna, the St. Katherine Protectorate is a truly amazing, unique and important area.

The global significance of species found in the St. Katherine’s Protectorate is not only related to the uniqueness of flora and habitat, but also due to use value. At least 47% have medicinal, aromatic, cosmetic or culinary uses, in addition to being used as fodder or fuel.

While previous plant inventories recorded 529 plant species within the boundaries of the protectorate, only 316 plant species were recorded, of which 33 species are endemic. Additionally, the disappearance of, or at least the difficulty to locate, 213 species confirms that the medicinal plants face a growing danger of damage and in the worst case extinction, which in turn will effect the global plant biodiversity.

To achieve the objectives of the project a pamphlet guide has been released illustrating the most economically beneficial medicinal plants of the region. The pamphlet serves as a simplified guide for those interested in the cultivation of medicinal plants.

You can browse our database and find out more about the work of the MPCP, such as latest news, products handmade by the Bedouins, the Green School program which educates children about medicinal plants, and our accomplishments by reading the position papers. Lastly, we wish you a inspiring, educating and interesting stay on our homepage.Click link above to view.

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