Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Prostitutes in Egypt

Well the Gulf Arab  'rutting' season is once more upon us in Egypt unfortunately.

A time when the sex hungry Gulf Arabs come in search of easy sex.

Once a time to escape the heat of the Gulf region, it has now become a time when Saudi's and UAE men, pour into Egypt by the thousand to spend the next four months drinking, and getting for free, or paying for sex.

"Abdelrahman says that while his agency, which he asked to remain anonymous, does not participate in the day-to-day affairs of their Saudi guests, he knows what goes on. And it is not to his liking.
“They come here to party. Sometimes, when we clean up a flat at the end of the summer, it is a mess because all they do here is drink alcohol and trash the place. Let’s not forget the girls,” he said.
According to the tourism operator, nightclubs will hire, often forcing, young women and girls to work as prostitutes for their Arab clients. He said that at the hotels, including the 5-star hotels in Cairo, “there are dozens of call girls waiting and prepared to be an escort for the night, or the entire time the Saudi men are here.”

"There are no statistics on prostitution in Egypt. It is a don’t ask don’t tell reality that Radwan says hundreds of women get involved in."


Some of these 'Gulf Arabs' don't even have to pay for sex.

Unbelievably some have been known to get 'free' sex from foreign women residents advertising 'English Lessons' in shop windows in compounds!

It's a well known fact that the prostitutes preferred mode of attracting clients is to advertise 'English' or 'French' lessons in shop windows.

English women whose English or French lessons are given 'a la boudoir'.

 Prostitutes who become temporary second wives, making themselves available free for sex during the Summer months, knowing that the men have wives and children back home in Saudi.


'When your husband tells you he is just going off for an hour to take an English lesson from the foreign lady advertised in the shop window. It may not be traditional English lessons he is interested in'. Be WARNED.

When you get back home make sure that he is not spending time out of earshot of you and your children on internet messenger services with his 'second wife' back in Egypt.
He could just be making arrangements to set her up in his own 'private brothel' in your district back home. The prostitute whether free or paid has no scruples.

It would also do well to have yourself checked for any sexually transmitted diseases he may have passed onto you.

From 2005:

"UN officials estimate that there are more than half a million men and women living with HIV in the region."

"Throughout the Middle East, more than 90,000 new cases among men and women were reported last year alone - and these are just the reported numbers."


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